For You My Lamb

What would you do
if violence were forced upon you?
bloodstained sands
steel wolves ravaging lambs
compel you to flee this land

An aegean expanse
the danger it yields
leaves you breathless
whitecaps meet a forlorn hand
two lights vanish in a stillborn sea

Fall of Orion

Artemis’ arrow
of the golden shaft
lightning that
broke the sky
cleaved off Orion’s
shoulder as
Betelgeuse turned

His club tumbled
from heaven
into the Atlantic
tearing our world

All that remained
was a velveteen sky
in mourning
and silence


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Music saves

It elicits auditory awe in me

A beautiful melody

Can harmonize with my heart

And syncopate my soul

The beat washes over me

I’m baptised in sound

Dancing on the precipice of bliss

Drown me in a sempiternal solo

Let me live forever

With this feeling Of frisson

Waifs and Strays

A nation in flux
Failed by its protector

Freedom fighters
Facilitated by the free world
There’s always a price

Waifs and Strays
Walk the streets
Visiting friends
In pieces

They drop bombs
We drop like flies
Swatted from your mind
A noxious atmosphere
We can’t cry

The Longest Journey

Here I stand before you
Birthed by the stars themselves
Their effervescence immeasurable
I traversed the universe
Taking in its majesty
Until I found home
This pale blue dot
Laced with rock
Its beating heart
A fiery core
That no one but time
Will ever tame

I have been many things
Though I did not know myself
Until a self came to be
A product of evolution
Now I am me
The culmination of
A thousand ancestors
And a family of three

The sum of my life choices so far
Every decision I’ve taken
Other potentials erased
Divergent paths
New possibilities
A branch of lightning
Illuminating time

Like a clock
I will forever move forward
I can gaze back
Yet I can never embrace the past
My hands will slow
And my gears will rust
I will cease to be
But if I’m lucky
Someone else will continue
This journey for me