Outblowing lexicon, a phenomenal connect-athlon
Fighting for facetime, speaking through screens
Pixelated smiles in low-rise jeans

Self-Isolation—the new meditation, egoless online ID and high-rise screams
A concrete jungle; we’re monkeys with machines


New love so saccharine, cherubs watch from on high
Blushing as we writhe in angelic ecstasy
Your voice will suffice
Drown out a judgemental dirge
Doves & crows sing jealously
Two hearts heave—a frantic merge
One half of the same soul
Separate wings make us whole


Panic stations
The conductor’s missing
And this train’s gone off the rails
Pupils in dilation
No light, just chemical

Lost to temptation
Scrambled information

A Bullet punctures the basion
Sanity’s cost of living
Mental hangnail
Torn off
Breathing fails