A Dog Day


Something I came across was a photo I had taken years ago, It was always my intention to make it a black & white photo and initially had focused on little else of the shot. The result was this:


Now compare it to the photo at the top of this post, notice how the top photo creates a better impression as it’s a less crowded shot? Cropping out a large proportion of the branches at the top and making the tree on the right a natural edge helped frame the shot and draw more focus towards the dogs (The Rule of Thirds plays a part in this too). I was lucky to grab this as the dogs were a neat little bit of serendipity. Not content with framing the shot differently I also changed the process of how I made the shot black & white. The top shot allows for greater detail in places such as the foreground trees.

So what did I take away from this?

  • Take a high as possible resolution as cropping becomes much easier
  • Coming back to a photo after time gives you a completely new perspective
  • Submit your stuff to communities like Reddit or Amateur Photographer and get critiqued!

Am I happy with the shot? Not entirely but maybe in another years time, I’ll come back again and make more edits.

The Seven Year Itch or You Have to (re)Start Somewhere


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. A lot has changed, some of that will be explained on posts in the near future. As for content, well if you have an interest in my writing, you can find me here or on Twitter. I usually post to #VSS365 and #HaikuChallenge. What are they I hear you ask? Simply put, prompts for writers to create stories or poems in the space of a single tweet.

Some of those will also turn up on my Instagram. I’ll be posting short stories here on the blog, some more ‘experimental’ things, and updates on my Work-in-Progress (WiP for short).

There will also be posts regarding photography, design, musings from the world around me and life in general. If you have any suggestions, a writing job for me or just want to say hi then head over to the contact page. I look forward to seeing you around.